Group and Private Packages

We offer you choices of flexible safaris, these can be in groups or as a private tour, most guest feel more comfortable traveling in groups because they have more fun and its also cheaper to pay for a safari in group because the more the number of guests , the cheaper the safaris because you share the cost among your selves.

We also organize private tours for honeymooners and those who seek privacy, if you’re stressed up with anything, just book with us and we shall arrange for you a perfect private tour just you and you alone. Our driver will be there to guide you and drive you according to your itinerary. This will make you feel at home even if you’re far away from your home country.

Uganda Wildlife Packages

Arrange wildlife safaris is our best thing to do, we have experience in organizing wildlife safaris where we have options of places to take you including the 10 best Uganda’s national parks like Murchison, queen Elizabeth, the true wilderness of Africa (kidepo), bwindi, lake mburo, mt Rwenzori, Mt. Elgon, Mt. Mugahinga, Semiliki and Kibale Forest National Park. There are several game reserves not mentioned which has lots of spectacular animals and other attractions to offer to you. Do not miss the Africans BIG 5 thus ( lion, elephants, buffalo, rhino and leopard), other special mammal species like: zebra, giraffe, impala, topi, cheetah, advark, pangolin,hyenas, hippopotamus, crocodile, etc and over 1000 species of birds including the shoe bill and the secretary bird.

Honey Moon Packages

We also arrange honeymooner’s packages where we take you to a place where you will glue your love and build a very strong relationship between you and your partner. We understand how much honeymooners need privacy and we are 100% sure of the environment you require. Uganda is one of the best Africa countries with many attractions and accommodations that meet the interest of those who would love to have special time together with their partners, it has very friendly people who will make you feel at home with services which make you feel like extending you honeymoon for more days.

Holiday Packages

Our holiday packages gives you enough time to rest, relax and kick off your working stress, we quite know very well that “work without play makes jack a dull boy”. Therefore we arrange for you a holiday package that will put you off working stress and give you time to relax and enjoy the pearl of Africa like there is no tomorrow. Your package will have varieties of activities for you to choose and enjoy as for your wish is our command.

Gorilla trekking Packages

The meeting of the gorillas is like meeting your cousin or a sister who was lost for along time, like they always say that the gorillas are our cousins from our past. Watching these semi-humans can really give you the happiest moment of your life, meeting them can remind you of those pasted days. very many people travel to Uganda to have a glance at these spectacular creatures, which are only found in threes east African countries thus Uganda the pearl of Africa, Congo and Rwanda though Uganda has the biggest number of these gorillas staying here. Just book with us and we shall arrange your permit ready in order to get a chance to come closer to these large powerful apes.

Chimpanzee Tracking Packages

If you ever get a chance to have a look at the gorillas, never miss one too with the chimpanzee, the chimpanzee tracking is as enjoyable as gorilla tracking because the chimps are semi-large apes with characters almost similar to that of the gorillas.

Uganda has a wide number of primates in deferent areas like in Kibale forest national park which is specifically famous for primates. It harbors more than 1,000 chimpanzee s and it has over 13 species of primate, including the 7 species of chimpanzees. Chimpanzee trekking starts at 0730hrs for the morning trek and at 1400hrs for the afternoon trek and it will take you about 3-4 hours depending on where you locate the chimpanzees that day.

Cooperates Retreats

Let us know of you interest in the cooperate's retreat where you will hang out with your group, your special work Mets or it can be a group of officials, we shall organize for you a special cooperate retreat where you will have fun and enjoyment with people of your caliber. This retreat will bring your friends together and create time to link and bond as never before because you will have plenty of time with others as you share the experience and the glorious moments together.

Business Tour Packages

If you are a business person, never mind of the little time you have in Uganda, we understand how fixed you program is. That is why we came up with cheap and short tours to help you relax after your business conferences, workshop or business visit. You only need to spare three days of your time and we can take you to any of the following parks with a 3 days tour in Murchison falls national park, Lake Mburo national park, Sipi falls or get to Bwindi impenetrable for gorilla tracking etc

If that’s much, give us only two days to take you through the city of Kampala or Jinja city for a tour and visit the source of the Nile and other places in Jinja town. You will never regret for those few days you have given us. And if you do have more days, just let us know then we shall arrange for you the best safari out of the days you have remained with in Uganda.

Volunteer's Packages

We are very sure that all volunteers, don’t work for money, we also know very well that there isn’t any volunteer who would wish to come to Uganda and go back without visiting any place in Uganda. Therefore, here we are at your service. We do organize cheap safaris for volunteers to give you room to maximally explore Uganda. We can also provide transport to any part of the country you would wish to travel to or pickups and drop offs to the airport.

We offer you friendship and a standing base in Uganda by connecting you to a number of places where you can do your volunteering from, we are also associated with other schools, construction companies, rotary, hospitals, health centers, orphanages and other. These places will offer you a better place to volunteer in any department of your interest. During your coming to volunteer in Uganda, you can as well inform us to organize for you a comfortable apartment or a rental where you can stay for your period in Uganda. We can also organize for you a simple and cheaper tour in Uganda in order to let you explore Uganda before you exit it.

Cultural Tours

Book a cultural tour with us and we shall take you to the origin of African culture (THE PEARL OF AFRICA), Uganda has very many cultures, each of them is attached to certain groups of people or tribes. Just to say, Uganda has over 40 tribes, and each of them is attached to its own culture like Baganda, Acholi, Basoga, Langi, Karamajongs, iks, Iteso and others.

A tour with us will drive you to learn Ugandan's different cultural marriage, cultural foods, cultural activities, local medicines, cultural dances, farming, naming of children, dressing etc. all these can be combined in one cultural tour. i.e. a tour to Kasubi tombs, Igenge cultural center, Kabaka's(king’s) palace, local villages like manyata buildings in Karamajongs and other more.

In our cultural tours, we give you the whole priority to participate in the ongoing activities where you will have to test the African culture and try comparing it with your home countries’ culture and that of the Africans. With us you’re free from trying farm work, collecting fire wood, cooking cultural food, making local herbs, local dancing, and milking, fetching water from the stream making mats and many more.

Bird Watching Packages

We arrange birding group or private birding safaris for birders, putting the whole journey together as an itinerary makes it easier for the birders to fallow direction on the itinerary because it will help to follow areas of interest as located on the itinerary. Some of the key areas to visit include the forests around Uganda like Mabira forest, Kibale forest, and swampy area, at the shores of lakes and river then on islands like Ssese, and the islands on the lake Bunyonyi National Parks etc.

You may have to carry good cameras and the binocular with a check list of birds of interest which will help you to check on the seen and not seen birds. This is the most interesting activity that if you ever carry it out. It will be one of its kinds that brings you close to nature as you become part of these birds and learn them with their habitats, calls and behaviors. This activity will need enough time in order to make it successfully.

Boda Boda City Tour

The boda boda motorcycle is the most common means of transport in most of the African countries, in Uganda, motorcycles and cars are owned by most of the urban dwellers. When you come to Uganda, you will need a boda boda motorcycle to travel short unfootable distances more especially in cities like Kampala.

Boda boda is a name given to motorcyclists who transport people from one place to another at a cost, this means of transport is the best in cities where there are several cars or traffic jam like in the capital of Uganda (Kampala). The cyclist helps you to get to your destination as fast as possible because they are never caught by traffic jam and they understand the city very well so they can make several shortcuts to get where they want to go.